Zug Katharina Weiss

Miss Katharina Weiss was the first photographer with a studio in the canton of Zug. She opened it in the 'Koller Mühle' in Zug in 1866, and in 1876 she moved into her new house at the Bahnhofstrasse, which she had built especially for it. The house is still in the same place today.

The portraits in the gallery are among the first she took in the Koller Mühle

Other CdV photographers in Zug were:
Eduard Weiss
Eduard Albrecht
August Albrecht
J. Grossmann
B. Dobrzanski
Atelier (Photographie) Helios / Heinrich Grau
Rudolf Trüb
E. Baldin
Müller & Frei

Update January 2022